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Double dip recession, depression or just a slowdown? The questions remain…

September 30, 2011


US Durable Goods orders dropped while consumer spending and consumer confidence are down. Corporations are not hiring new employees or investing, despite sitting on 2 trillion dollars in reserves. The financial markets are once again concerned with the growing number of people still being fired, and home sales are down to record levels – due […]

The Never Ending Story of European Sovereign Debt Default & Bank Instability

September 15, 2011


The spiraling financial downfall towards default began with Greece and has spread to Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain.  At first it seemed impossible, then unlikely, and now headlines actually predict that Greece is 98 percent likely to default on its sovereign debt.  If Greece defaults, EU leaders and ECB officials will be trying to come […]

Foreign Exchange Market Roller Coaster

July 8, 2011


Years ago there was an old adage proclaiming that “Britannia Rules the Waves”.  It referred to the era when The British Empire ruled supreme on the seven seas and thus extended its influence all around the world. Today, when speaking of the world’s financial stability, the adage should be “Uncertainty Rules the Waves”.  The stock, […]

IMEX’s Choice of Articles about Foreign Exchange week of Feb. 14 2011

February 14, 2011


Here are IMEX’s Monday Morning Suggestions.  Start your week off by being informed.  Thanks for using IMEX as your trusted source for International Foreign Exchange Information and Services. Joel Borshof President, IMEX 1) Will Japan’s economy recover enough to once again become the second largest economy behind the US after China overtook Japan in 2010? See article;Japan’s GDP […]

The Variables and Volatility of the Foreign Exchange Market

September 28, 2010


Back in 1987, when I first began to follow currency flows, foreign exchange volume was trading at 250 billion dollars a day.  The largest of any market.  Today, the average daily volume approaches approximately 4 trillion dollars and still growing. Again, and still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I have been active in the fx […]