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European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Has China Boarded the Train?

October 28, 2011


As part of a plan to lower Greece’s debt burden, and to try and contain the two year European Union crisis, it has been reported that euro zone leaders have come to an agreement with private banks and insurers.  The agreement imposes upon those banks and insurers to accept a 50% loss on their holdings […]

The Never Ending Story of European Sovereign Debt Default & Bank Instability

September 15, 2011


The spiraling financial downfall towards default began with Greece and has spread to Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain.  At first it seemed impossible, then unlikely, and now headlines actually predict that Greece is 98 percent likely to default on its sovereign debt.  If Greece defaults, EU leaders and ECB officials will be trying to come […]

Foreign Currency Developments Resulting From The Greek Debt Crisis

June 29, 2011


Joel Borshof, President and CEO of IMEX Examines Foreign Currency Exchange Developments Resulting From the Greek Debt Crisis on “Brainstormin’ with Bill Frank. AM 1400 KKZZ Listen here

The Foreign Exchange Market’s Economic Uncertainty

June 24, 2011


The slowdown of the US economic recovery (latest estimates 2.7-2.9% instead of 3.1-3.3%), and the debilitating effects of Greece’s uncertain bailout are the driving and opposing forces creating havoc and volatility in the current foreign exchange markets. The Federal Reserve confirmed that it’s second round of QE2 (“quantitative easing” – a $600 billion bond purchase […]

IMEX’s 4 Monday Morning Articles to read about Foreign Exchange

January 3, 2011


1. Here we are in the New Year, back to the old year news.  The euro weakened vs the US dollar on the forex market due to once again rising sovereign debt issues. See Article: Euro Falls Most in Two Weeks on Concern Europe Fund Raising May Struggle – Reuters 2. Chinese monetary authorites are allowing interest rates to […]

IMEX’s 4 Monday Morning Articles to read about Foreign Exchange

December 6, 2010


1) A number of foreign exchange forecasters are expecting the Euro to fall against the US dollar in the new year… See article  Euro’s Worst to Come as Best Forecasters See Crisis Spreading  Bloomberg 2) The present additional Quantitative easing (QE2) may not be enough to support the economy and more may be necessary according to […]

The Variables and Volatility of the Foreign Exchange Market

September 28, 2010


Back in 1987, when I first began to follow currency flows, foreign exchange volume was trading at 250 billion dollars a day.  The largest of any market.  Today, the average daily volume approaches approximately 4 trillion dollars and still growing. Again, and still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I have been active in the fx […]

Who’s the leader of the Pack? No one.

August 17, 2010


Who’s the leader of the Pack? No One The US dollar is up… for today anyway.  It’s down tomorrow. The Nikkei (Japan) stock market is up, and the US and Europe equities market is down. Recently, Spain’s debt rating gets downgraded by Fitch (Rating agency) impacting the Euro, sovereign and corporate debt pricing, stock pricing […]