IMEX’s Choice of Articles about Foreign Exchange week of Feb. 14 2011

Posted on February 14, 2011

Here are IMEX’s Monday Morning Suggestions.  Start your week off by being informed.  Thanks for using IMEX as your trusted source for International Foreign Exchange Information and Services.
Joel Borshof
President, IMEX

1) Will Japan’s economy recover enough to once again become the second largest economy behind the US after
China overtook Japan in 2010?

See article;Japan’s GDP Contracts, Surpassed by China in 2010

2) The euro continues to weaken against the US dollar on forex market with ongoing concerns regarding the euro sovereign debt issues.

See article; Euro Falls Third Day Versus Dollar Before Factory Output Data; Kiwi Slides

3) When you think of currency manipulation in Asia, China pops into your head. Well, China is not alone; Hereees Vietnam

See article:  Another day, another dong devaluation
4) A major US pillar institution is up for sale, in our lifetime.

See article: Sen. Schumer creates waves over DB-NYSE merger plan

5)US Small Businesses are the foundation of employment.  Will the recovery of the consumer give enough impetus to employers to start hiring?

See article :  Small business confidence at three-year high in Jan

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