IMEX’s Choice of Articles about Foreign Exchange week of Feb. 7 2011

Posted on February 7, 2011

Here are IMEX’s Monday Morning Suggestions.  Start your week off by being informed.  Thanks for using IMEX as your trusted source for International Foreign Exchange Information and Services.
Joel Borshof
President, IMEX

1) The present stabilization of the euro vs the US dollar on the foreign exchange markets are providing strength to the currency and some calmness to the european sovereign debt crisis

See article: Euro Buys Merkel Time as Bund-Treasury Spread Widens

2) The stronger Japanese Yen vs the US dollar is causing sales problems for major Japanese exporters to the US as well as other countries that the Yen has appreciated against.

See article : Strong yen gives Toyota “tough” U.S. climate: exec

3) While the US job data was not has strong as expected, the momentum of the US economic recovery supports growth in other global stock markets.

See article: World Stocks Rise, Copper Hits Record

4) As the chaos in Egypt continues to simmer, the major concern is the contagion of this protest and riots. Where does it go from here?

See article:  An end or a beginning?

5) The Federal Reserve Bank is finally openly admitting that for the US economy to truly recover, more new hirings are a necessity

See article Bernanke: More jobs needed for real recovery

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