IMEX’s 4 Monday Morning Articles to read about Foreign Exchange

Posted on January 3, 2011

1. Here we are in the New Year, back to the old year news.  The euro weakened vs the US dollar on the forex market due to once again rising sovereign debt issues.

See Article: Euro Falls Most in Two Weeks on Concern Europe Fund Raising May Struggle – Reuters

2. Chinese monetary authorites are allowing interest rates to rise to slow down domestic inflation.  This action will push the Yuan stronger against the US dollar as well as impacted other regional currencies like the Japanese Yen

See Article:  China’s Inflation May Cool With Factory Slowdown – Bloomberg

3. Gold continues to gather strength as many different concerns impact world recovery.

See Article: Gold inches down as dollar rebound weighs – Reuters

4. Oil breaks $US90 as upbeat signs of recovery in the US economy, but will higher oil prices hurt growth

See Article: Oil extends rally above $91, eyes U.S. economic data – Reuters

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