IMEX’s 4 Monday Morning Articles to read about Foreign Exchange

Posted on December 6, 2010

1) A number of foreign exchange forecasters are expecting the Euro to fall against the US dollar in the new year…

See article  Euro’s Worst to Come as Best Forecasters See Crisis Spreading  Bloomberg

2) The present additional Quantitative easing (QE2) may not be enough to support the economy and more may be necessary according to  Fed  Chairman Ben Bernanke…

See article  Bernanke Says Further U.S. Monetary Stimulus Possible     Bloomberg

3) As the consideration of additional QE2 is being discussed, the Japanese Yen is gaining strength against the US dollar in spite
of the impact on the Nikkei (Japanese stock market).

See article Nikkei slips as yen recovers, but finds support  Reuters

4) Worries about the sovereign debt issues in Ireland will continue to keep pressure on the Euro vs the US dollar and increased volatility
in the foreign exchange markets…
See article  Irish Vote Likely To Pressure Euro    Wall Street Journal

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